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Conditions & Diseases We Treat

At New England Retina Associates, our doctors are committed to providing you with the best care for your retinal conditions. We prioritize effective, minimally invasive, and compassionate treatment options. Our goal is to use our experience and expertise to help you overcome eye disease, so you can achieve optimal vision.

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    Macular degeneration patients can benefit significantly from the expertise of our retinal specialists, as they possess the knowledge and skills to diagnose, manage, and treat this condition effectively, preserving and potentially improving the patient's vision
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    With expertise in diabetic retinopathy treatment, our team is committed to helping you manage this condition effectively, preserving your vision, and improving your quality of life.
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    Our retinal specialists play a crucial role in managing uveitis by utilizing their expertise in diagnosing and treating this complex condition, which involves inflammation of the eye's uvea, thus helping to preserve vision and alleviate the patient's discomfort.
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    Count on our experienced and compassionate team for effective Central Serous Retinopathy treatment using the latest advancements and personalized approaches. We'll help relieve your symptoms and safeguard your vision for a clearer outlook on life.
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    Experience bothersome floaters or flashes? Our caring team offers personalized treatments for visual disturbances and helps rule out underlying conditions that could be to blame.
  • Get tailored evaluation and effective treatment plans for intraocular tumors from our compassionate specialists at any of our four locations.
  • If your central vision is being affected by a macular hole, our eye surgeons can assess the condition and provide prompt treatment for optimal outcomes.
  • When scar tissue forms on the retina, this is described as a macular pucker. Our dedicated team will advise you on the next steps to take if you receive a macular pucker diagnosis.
  • Our experienced doctors can identify and address any problems that may arise after cataract surgery, providing personalized care to optimize your post-operative vision.
  • Worried about retinal artery occlusion? Find out how our personalized treatments can help minimize vision loss and improve your eye health.
  • Discover how to restore and preserve vision with timely diagnosis, effective treatment, and ongoing support for renal detachment.
  • Discover how our dedicated specialists offer personalized care for retinal vein occlusion, tailoring treatment plans to your unique needs, with the goal of preserving vision and improving your overall eye health.