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Latest Treatments for Your Eye Disease

There is an overload of information out there regarding the latest treatments for your disease. The doctors at New England Retina Associates are up-to-date, continuously assessing new treatments on their scientific merits and benefit to their patients. The doctors here will help you navigate the information so that you get the care that is best for you.

  • syringe
    Suffering from a retinal condition? We offer Anti-VEGF injections at New England Retina Associates, to provide relief and preserve your vision.
  • doctor pointing to parts of the eye
    Experience cryoretinopexy for effective treatment of retinal conditions such as retinal tears and detachments, offering effective restoration of your vision.
  • eye receiving laser treatment
    Discover the benefits of personalized laser treatment options to address various retinal conditions and enhance your vision at New England Retina Associates.
  • Trust our specialists for personalized pars plana vitrectomy procedures, addressing conditions like macular holes to restore visual clarity and enhance your eye health.
  • Experience personalized photodynamic therapy, an effective treatment for conditions like central serous retinopathy, reducing symptoms and helping to preserve your vision.
  • Benefit from our expert pneumatic retinopexy procedures, a treatment option for retinal detachments, increasing your chances of successful reattachment and improved visual outcomes
  • We offer personalized scleral buckle procedures, a surgical technique to treat retinal detachments and improve vision, helping ensure your retina’s stability and optimal visual recovery.
  • Trust our specialists for personalized steroid injections, to effectively treat uveitis or macular edema, reducing inflammation and improving your vision.
  • Explore our transscleral diode laser infrared procedures for intraocular tumors or glaucoma, targeting specific conditions and improving eye health.